Newonder honored Awarded "National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise"

    Date:2011/4/7 0:29:16 Autor:xhd From: Count:6804
    Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology affirm the torch high-tech industry development center for this year’s "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise" and Newonder honored awarded the title of it. Winning this award, it is the strong demonstration to the enterprise technology strength and the best way to confirm.
    The affirmation of National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise is the first affirmation after the <National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise Management Methods> came into force. It is also the guide plan for the development of high-tech industry with the purpose to promote the technology achievement to be Commercialization, industrialization and internationalization. According to the new method, the selection of high-tech enterprise will choose the key ones with characteristic who is not only at the national technological leadership but also encouragement in the industry update and serve innovative construction. Because the affirmation is with many condition, higher standard, more difficult, the success demonstrate the Newonder high-tech enterprise highest level.
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